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We will be having worship together on Sunday, September 26th regardless of the weather since we will be together in the sanctuary.
Please read (or re-read) the letter below to mark yourself aware of our guidelines and precautions.
Please remember to call the church by Friday with the number of people coming from your family to we can set up the seating properly.

The service will be livestreamed at 9:30 am on Facebook and will also be posted later on YouTube.

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Letter from Messiah reopening committee dated August 6, 2021:

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Sunday, October 3rd

There will be a meeting after worship to consider Messiah sponsoring an asylum family to live in Messiah House in cooperation with AMMPARO.

Council is in support of this project and is convening this meeting so that the congregation can discern if we should go forward.

The meeting will be in person in the sanctuary and will also be in the Zoom room.

Letter that was mailed out to our list on September 17th:

Enclosure that tells of the timeline of the Asylum Family project to date:

Pastor Karl Hester
Worship Bulletin


September 19, 2021

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Our constitution has been updated including bringing it into compliance with the ELCA model constitution and adjusting the meeting quorum 20% of the voting members.  The final step of updating this constitution is a 2/3 majority ratification vote on the unaltered constitution which will occur at our 2022 annual meeting in January.

You can see the constitution under consideration here:

Messiah Virtual Choir and Chimes Choir info
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If you want to hear the MLK sermon excerpt that was played during the sermon on Sunday, September 19 you can find it at:

Everybody Can Be Great, Because Everybody Can Serve — Travis Hellstrom

Or you can read it on our church Facebook page: 



You are welcome here. I hope I get the chance to meet you in person soon. Have a blessed day.

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541 282 7735
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Asylum Project Forms 


If you are interested in sharing your interest and intent in supporting our efforts to sponsor an asylum family you can use the following forms.Please return these forms at your earliest convenience.




Areas of Accompaniment











Intent to Support

If you want to hear the information presented on Sunday, Sept. 19 about the Asylum Family Sponsorship Program you can view here:

Video on our Facebook Page

Our Vision


Messiah's Vision is to INVITE people to faith, to CARE for each other with love, to help one another GROW in faith, and to SHARE our gifts with others.


Our sermons are best experienced live and in person here in worship.  Please do come worship with us whenever you are so inclined.

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