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New to the area? Looking for a church home? Looking for some fellow Lutherans to worship with, as you have all your life?

Or do you have more questions than answers? Been hurt or blessed and can’t figure out why? Are you longing to be a part of helping those in need?

Or are you a little put-off by Christians who don’t practice what they preach, or are you leery of organized religion, or disappointed in the church’s failings, or not so sure that church is for you?

We all struggle with these questions,  and these are all good reasons to visit Messiah. We invite you to come and see what it’s like. We hope that you will see Messiah as we have come to see her–as a  community joined together to celebrate the goodness of life, to give thanks as what is broken is made whole, and to connect with something that goes beyond our capacity to describe it–what we call God, and who we best understand through the story of Jesus.

What can you expect to find at Messiah?

– Our people are friendly, and would love to get to know you. But if you’re more comfortable being anonymous for your visit that’s okay too.

-As you enter the church there are information pamphlets available to help you navigate our worship, and to highlight what makes Lutherans Lutheran. A greeter will likely welcome you and give you the “lay of the land.”

– Our worship is traditional, contemporary, and a mix of the two. We enjoy lively worship, but also the spirituality of contemplative worship. Each service is familiar in feel, but different in content. So plan on visiting more than once–to fully appreciate Messiah’s worship life.

– Sunday School is available for all ages. Ask someone for directions to classrooms, as they are known to move around a bit! A nursery for infants and toddlers is available if needed.

– We are involved in many ministries. Check out the bulletin boards before you leave–just to get a flavor of what Messiah is up to. Grab a copy of the newsletter, too.

– Introduce yourself to the Pastor. Tom is always glad to answer your questions and would love to meet with you if you so desire.

– Ask for a tour! We’d be glad to show you around.

-We welcome you whether you believe in Jesus Christ, are just looking into Christianity, are returning to the church after a time away, are seeking prayers and spiritual strength, or in need of answers to life’s questions. You are not alone, as we view faith as a journey, not a destination. We’re all on the road together! Our service is fully open to you–including the Lord’s Supper, if you know it is given for you freely, and you believe God is present. (Pastor is always glad to talk about Communion with you if you’re not sure about it.)

– We love to tell the story of Jesus and his love. That story can touch your life and transform it. That happens in different ways for different people. The Bible guides us, and though it was written centuries ago, it relates to our modern lives in amazing ways.  We are discovering new ways of interpreting the message that speak to individuals and groups in a voice of compassion, justice, and meaning.

Hope to see you at Messiah real soon! We want to share with you this community of faith that has brought so much joy, understanding, and comfort to us over the last 25 years!

PS –  The church is a little hard to find. Beautiful trees lend privacy to our hilltop haven, but they also make Messiah less visible. Coming from Milford on Rt. 101, Messiah is about a half mile from Salzburg Square shopping – if you go past The Amherst Garden Center on the right–you’ve just missed it! Coming from the other direction, the church is about a half mile from the intersection with Camp Rd. If you are having trouble, call 673-2011  and someone will guide you here [Note: GPS users – use address 304 Rt. 101 instead of 303–which inexplicably does not exist in GPS-Land!]


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